• IP: 8b8t.xyz
  • Versions: 1.12.2 to 1.18.x (1.12.2 Recommended)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • STORAGE: 2x8TB Datacenter grade HDDs
  • DDOS Protection: Cosmicguard
  • 8b8t is a non-vanilla semi-cracked anarchy server with no rules which means everything is allowed and you can not get punished.


Join the 8b8t.xyz Official Discord Server to keep up with the latest updates with the server: discord link

Popular questions

What is 8b8t?

8b8t is a semi cracked Minecraft Anarchy Server, that means there are no rules. It's the only semi-cracked 32k meta anarchy servers which allows 32k weapons and illegals. The server is semi-vanilla and semi cracked, it has commands like /tpa,and /nick with name colour. 8b8t started March 17 2022 and the map will never reset.

What is 8b8t seed?

8b8t seed is the same as the old seed: -935168149848476023

Is hacking allowed?

Yes, as mentioned above, there are truly no rules.

Are lag machines allowed?

Yes, the 8b8t admin has already patched most of the lag machines and if you help us find a working one, he will reward you.


  • 8b8t is now the first semi-cracked anarchy server
  • Virus and Diowz have become engaged congrats from the 8b8t staff team
  • somewhat fixed the anticheat
  • fixed tablist
  • fixed premium accounts not authenticating with mojang
  • Added a way to reset your password automatically if you are on a cracked account